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Centre Dentaire Dre Audrey Caron
881 Boul. St-Jean-Baptiste
Mercier, Québec
J6R 2K8
Our Team: Dentists and Dental Staff
A competent and committed team! | Your dentist of choice in Mercier, Châteauguay and the area
Dr. Audrey Caron, D.M.D.
Doctor Caron graduated from the Université de Montréal in 2005 and obtained a multi-disciplinary residence certificate in collaboration with CHUM Notre-Dame in 2006. In 2009, she purchased a clinic in Mercier, her hometown, and has practised there to this day. For Doctor Caron, providing gentle dental care is her number one priority. This is why she has built a formidable team of professionals to take care of you and your smile.
Dre Émilie af Ström, D.M.D.
To help her treat her many patients, Dre Caron chose doctor Émilie af Ström. Our new dentist graduated from the Université de Montréal in 2012 and has since been practicing general dentistry. Born in Montréal, Dre af Ström is passionate, devoted and has the buccodental heath of her patients to heart. Her goal is to listen to their needs and meet their expectations while offering them high quality care. She wishes to share and grow smiles with everyone she meets.
Nadine Daigneault, H.D.
A Ste-Clothilde native, Nadine completed her Dental Hygiene Diploma at Édouard-Montpetit College in 2000. After gaining experience over a ten-year period in the Québec City area, she joined Dr. Caron's team in 2011. She is one of the most appreciated staff members as her contribution has been remarkable. With her warm smile and pleasant demeanour, Nadine will efficiently provide quality treatments in the gentlest way possible.
Geneviève Favreau-Moison, H.D.
Newly promoted from Édourad-Monpetit College, class of 2014, Geneviève joins our team. Born in St-Rémi, you'll find she's gentle, smiling and meticulous. She really cares about your comfort and well being and, with her dynamism and the freshness of her youth, Geneviève will take care of you with all the high quality standards of our clinic.
Vicky Laberge, Dental Assistant
Very talented and extremely dedicated, she is at the core of the team's well being and doesn't hesitate to provide a helping hand. She easily makes patients feel comfortable and gently guides them through the treatment stages. This St-Louis-de-Gonzague native received her diploma from the Châteauguay Professional School in 2009 and will enhance your visit with her dynamic personality and positive attitude.
Cynthia Grisé-Cormier, Dental Assistant
Happy and dynamic, Cynthia is a devoted dental assistant who cares a lot about the well-being of the patients. Born and raised in the area, Cynthia naturally went to the Châteauguay Professional School to get her formation and received her diploma in 2011. Even if she only recently joined our wonderful team, Cynthia was immediately part of it and we have no doubt that you are going to adopt her as well.
Mylène Soucisse, Administrative Support/Receptionist
Because she adores working with the public, Mylène, a Howick native, has ten years of service with our patients under her belt. Pleasant and always willing to help, she sees the well being of the dental team in the same way she sees the patients'. She will warmly greet you and guide you through your stay with us. Eager to meet your needs, she will answer insurance-related questions and do her best to give you a suitable appointment time.
Robert Daniel
Robert is the husband and the right hand of Dre Caron. Coordonator and advisor, he works in the shadows in order to maintain the well being of the clinic. He takes care of the administrative tasks and human resources, even though they are miles away from his degree in computer science. It is he that programmed the superb web site of the clinic!
Isabelle Genest, Dental Assistant
1972 - 2014
Isabelle gave almost 25 years of her life to serve our patients. This woman, who was kind and devoted like no other, was a most precious ally for our team and we miss her greatly, as well as our patients. All of those who knew her know that it was a great honour and an immense joy. We think about her every day and we work our best to live up to her memory. Isabelle : Our hearts will go on...