Your family dentist in Mercier, Châteauguay and the area

Your family dentist in Mercier, Châteauguay and the area
Centre Dentaire Dre Audrey Caron
881 Boul. St-Jean-Baptiste
Mercier, Québec
J6R 2K8


If you have an appointment, watch our VIDEO and read THE LIST OF MEASURES we have put into place to treat you safely.

In order to obtain your appointment faster and help our staff with the additional workload occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, we kindly ask you to call us for your recall exam.

We are looking forward to see your smile !

In these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centre Dentaire Dre Audrey Caron is doing everything possible to make its dental procedures even safer for you and our team. Our aspesis and sterilzation have always been amongst the best and you can rest assured that we will work twice as hard to stay on top.

Here are some examples of the mesures we have put into place to stop the virus spreading during your treatments :

  • -Social distancing measures inside the clinic, for you as well as for our staff.
  • -Reorganization of the schedule to avoid having too many people inside at the same time.
  • -Closure of the waiting room.
  • -Installation of Plexiglass shields.
  • -Control of corridor trafic by establishing one ways.
  • -Installation of hand free door openers.
  • -Severe control of COVID symptoms of every patient and staff member (questionnaire and temperature).
  • -Hand washing mandatory for the patients (and staff members, of course).
  • -Surgical masks worn at all times for treating staff.
  • -Antiseptic mouth-wash prior to every treatment.
  • -Use of dental damn to minimise dental aerosols.
  • -Aquisition of a more performant succion device for our dental hygenists to minimise dental aerosols.
  • -Use of more PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) : visor, hats, surgical gowns, higher grade surgical masks N95 and KN95.
  • -Improvement of the clinic general ventilation system.
  • -Purchase of portative HEPA filtration unit for every operative room.
  • -Supplemental desinfection protocol for our succion lines.
  • -Upgrade of the whole sterilization system and integration of a new tracability system (last fall).
  • -Contactless payment terminal (*according to maximum amounts allowed by the institutions).
You can rest assured that we will keep up with every new recommandation allowing us to serve you in the safest environment and offer you the dental care you deserve.